Our car

The racing-rigged ferrari 458 challenge

There are few other cars that poise such a presence as the Ferrrari 458 Challenge. With it's delicate lines and beautiful design it really stands out on the racing grid. The cars fundamental balance together with it's racing setup gives it a very controlled, direct and responsive feel. Our aim is that it will be a is a fierce contender in the endurance races.


Our concept

Rent a seat in our team and race together with us in the international endurance-series

Get the trill of participating in a real 24H endurance race without the extreme expense of running your own team. Our concept is to rent out places in the team to skilled individuals that meet the criterias for competing in the series.

We ourselves are experienced racing-drivers both from Norwegian, European and international racing, and with TeamACR we have lined up the whole race with you and the car in the center.

For every race both the car and the driver are insured in case of damage or accident.

Next upcoming races

12-24H international endurance series


4-5-6 SEPTEMBER 2015

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya enjoys a privileged location, at only 32 km from Barcelona (and 18 km from the Costa de Barcelona). The circuit runs clockwise, is 4655m long and counts 16 turns in total. Today, the Circuit has set itself up as one of the most modern sports facilities, serving as the venue for the most important motor sports events of the world such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Catalan MotoGP Grand Prix.


9-10 OCTOBER 2015

The circuit of Brno, the Masaryk Ring, is a track with a length of 5403m. Automotodrom Brno, the company operating the circuit, hosts several world championships – most importantly the World Road Bike Championship (MotoGP) and the World Superbike Championship. The Masaryk Ring is regularly written into the calendar of the International Championship of the Czech Republic for automobile circuit competitions as well as the motorbike championship


14-15-16 JANUARY 2016

The 5.39km track at the Dubai Autodrome is one of the most modern in the world; it is also one of the most challenging, as it has a combination of technical and high-speed corners with 19 turns in total. The track is friendly with very safe and wide run off areas. No gravel so ideal for a 24 hour race.